Positive Behaviours

Language Impairment & Social Development

Social skills are a critical aspect of every child’s development.  Children need to participate and feel accepted within our community. The ability to form and maintain positive peer relationships can have a huge impact on a child’s academic and language development, as well as affecting their experiences in the classroom, home and playground environments.

Social skills relate to the use and functions of language for communication.  It includes the verbal and non-verbal aspects of social interaction, the knowledge and use of conversation rules, what, where, when and how we say things.  Included in this are all the implicit or unwritten rules of interaction, for example how we choose what to say and how to say things so as not to offend or give the wrong impression.  Many of these rules are never openly stated and thus children with language difficulties may find them difficult to learn.  As such we approach the teaching of social skills through an explicit instruction and positive behaviour support approach.


Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

The North East Metropolitan Language Development Centre (NEMLDC) provides an inclusive, safe and stimulating learning environment.  Teaching and learning programs are designed to  meet the needs of students with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) as well as those identified as not achieving their learning outcomes as a result of their behaviour .

We will provide every student with the support they need to learn and maintain positive behaviour.  We create warm, encouraging AND positive classrooms that apply a consistent approach when supporting behaviour. Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is a person centred framework for providing support in situations where there is, or there is a risk of, challenging behaviour.   PBS understands that challenging behaviour occurs for a reason and communicates important information about a person’s stress, distress and skill development.

PBS is a blend of values & science. Key values include a commitment to providing support that; shows respect for diversity, promotes inclusion, increases choice and promotes equality of opportunity and human rights.  PBS means we work positively and proactively.  Children and their teachers interact positively and learn together in the classroom without the need to apply procedures. Students are rewarded for positive behaviours aligned to our school values using extrinsic motivators such as stickers, tech time and time with admin / buddies. We guide students to understand and appreciate the importance of intrinsic motivators such as self-pride and self-acknowledgement.


Our School Values

Respect.  Kindness.  Doing Your Best.