Speech Sound Difficulties On-Demand PL Content

Thank you for registering for the online, on-demand professional learning session Speech Sound Difficulties – Understanding and Supporting Students. This 2-hour professional learning session can be completed in your own time and at your own pace.

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Accessing the PL


To complete this PL session you will need to download the session workbook, which has a copy of the content from the slides, some extra information, space for you to take notes during the PL session and complete the session activities.   

Session Video

The PL content has been broken up into 3 sections which can be viewed here:

  1. Part 1 – Introduction & normal development (35 minutes).
  2. Part 2 – Speech sound difficulties (25 minutes)
  3. Part 3 – Referring students & supporting speech difficulties (50 minutes)



Access the handouts & information sources referred to in the session here:

  1. Normal speech sound acquisition posters
  2. Speech sound screen for teachers – scroll down to ‘Quick Screener for Teachers’
  3. Referral Pathways
  4. Recasting handout
  5. Communication repair strategies poster:
  6. Communicating Phonics booklet:
  7. Northern Territory Speech Sounds Guide for Teachers
  8. Dr. Caroline Bowen’s website
  9. Stuttering information handout – scroll down website to view


After completing the session

To formally receive recognition for attending these 2 hours of professional learning, please complete the 2-minute post-PL session survey after completing the professional learning. Please note, attendance is marked monthly. 


Additional videos