Language Leadership Schools Series

Course Overview and Participants

The Language Leadership Schools Series (LLSS) is designed specifically for educators working from Kindergarten to Year 2 – classroom teachers, Deputy Principals, Literacy Leaders, SAER Coordinators and Curriculum Leaders. The series will enhance participants’ knowledge of oral language and the foundations of literacy, assessment, analysis and intervention strategies. Participants attending the LLSS must work within either the North East Metro or Wheatbelt Education District.

Course Structure

This series consists of 6 full days of professional learning spread across the year. Throughout the year participants take part in action research supported by the Outreach Team. This will include developing a SMART goal in relation to school priorities, creating and implementing an action plan, collecting and analysing data and reporting on outcomes.

A school service agreement is developed collaboratively with the Outreach Service and the school which aims to support the specific needs of the Key Leader/s and their respective school. This may include intervention support and professional learning sessions delivered at their school, as well as support with in class observations and feedback.

Cost and Registrations


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