School Support and Services

Scope of Service

The Outreach Service can provide the school with support in developing capacity to deliver:

  • Oral language instruction in Kindergarten to Year 2
  • Intervention for students with language difficulties across the primary school years

This may include consultation on assessment and data analysis procedures, developing planning documents, resources, and instructional programs specific to the school context. Schools accessing this level of service will be allocated a Support Officer, Speech and Language. Schools committed to leadership development (through enrolment in the Language Leadership Schools Series or Network) will be prioritised for school services.

To view all of our service, please look at the NEMLDC Outreach Service brochure.

Service Options

The Outreach Service will support the school in planning and delivering professional learning for staff in a range of oral language areas in line with identified school priorities. Professional learning is customised to suit the needs of the school and can be delivered at times negotiated with the Outreach team member, including Staff Development Days and staff meetings.

Professional learning may include:

  • Professional learning presentations
  • Collaborative planning sessions
  • In-class observations and feedback sessions
  • Developing and sharing resources with staff
  • One on one teacher consultations

If you would like to discuss services with our team and set up a service agreement, please get in touch with us at or on 9218 1600.

Professional Learning Requests

All government funded schools within the North East Metropolitan and Wheatbelt Education Districts can submit a request for professional learning, for sessions to be run at their school. Professional learning topics can include:

  • Phonological awareness
  • Phonics
  • Meaning patterns – morphological awareness and etymology
  • Text instruction (including oral narrative, persuasive and/or factual text types)
  • Vocabulary and semantic organisation
  • Grammar – syntax and morphology
  • Social skills, pragmatics and play
  • Language comprehension

Please click here to see what sessions schools typically request.

NEMLDC Classroom Observation Requests

Teaching staff working within the North East Metropolitan and Wheatbelt Education Districts can request an observation in any of the NEMLDC’s K-2 classrooms. Classroom observations are an effective way to observe best practice in action, and to receive practical ideas of how to support children with language difficulties. Classroom observations can occur across our K-2 classrooms, in any of the following language areas:

  • Vocabulary and semantics
  • Oral to written text instruction (including narrative and/or persuasive and factual text types)
  • Grammar
  • Phonological awareness and phonics
  • Social skills and pragmatics

Teacher Consultation Requests

Teaching staff working within government funded schools within the North East Metropolitan and Wheatbelt Education Districts can request a consultation for a one-on-one consultation with a member of the Outreach Service. Consultations can include discussions of current theory, assessment, teaching strategies and resources in the following areas:

  • Vocabulary and semantics
  • Grammar
  • Early literacy, including phonological awareness and phonics
  • Language comprehension
  • Oral to written text instruction
  • Social skills and pragmatics
  • Speech sounds

Consultations regarding ex-LDC students who have transitioned from the LDC back to mainstream, or students with communication difficulties, can also be requested. Consultations can include discussions with the LDC speech pathology team and LDC teachers who worked with the student, and recommendations based on the student’s exit report from the LDC.

School Agreements

Schools within the North East Metropolitan and Wheatbelt Education Districts can request a service agreement meeting to negotiate school-based services and ongoing support provided by the NEMLDC Outreach Service. School agreements will include an individualised support plan detailing the actions required from both the school and the Outreach Service to achieve improved outcomes in the area of oral language and the foundation of literacy. Timelines and processes for data collection and analysis, goal setting, program implementation, and evaluation of the program will be outlined, along with professional learning and resources required to support the plan.


If you would like to find out more about services available for your school, please contact us on 9218 1600.