School Board

Members of the School Board

Chair of the Board

Jeremy Heng – Community Member

I am a CPA qualified Finance Professional with 17 years local and international experience providing financial and corporate management across multiple sectors, most recently within the WA Public Health sector.

I enjoy participating in the community and have done so with non-profit organisations such as the WA Chinese Chamber of Commerce as part of the Youth Committee and academic institutions such as the Murdoch University Alumni providing mentorship and guidance.

It is my honour to be Chair of the Board at the North East Metropolitan Language Development Centre and bring my experience as well as parents’ views to the Board in contributing to the improvement of our children’s educational outcomes to ensure a well-rounded experience and ongoing support beyond the school.



Lisa Gannon

I am proud to be Principal at the North East Metropolitan Language Development Centre and bring around 30 years of experience in Education. I started my teaching career in a suburban city school, before moving to the country. My next 9 years was at the West Coast Language Development Centre as a teacher and deputy where I became interested in early intervention in both language and social development. I moved back into mainstream as deputy and principal where I used my knowledge to promote the development of these skills in students in mainstream schools.  My interest in this area brought me full circle and back to the North East Metropolitan Language Development Centre, where as principal I am focused on ensuring that our students are provided the best opportunities in the development of their oral language and social skills, whilst participating in a mainstream curriculum and developing and guided by strong core values.

I thank the NEMLDC Board for their commitment and dedication to our School.  Our Board conversations have led to some really great new school initiatives and improvements. Our Board members bring a wide range of skills and experience. A group of professionals, parents and educators presenting many perspectives to ensure that our students, your children, are in the best place to further develop their social, physical, emotional and academic capabilities.  


Community Member

Anna Taylor (Speech and Language Specialist)

My passion for working with children with speech and language difficulties in schools began when I joined the NEMLDC as a Speech Pathologist over a decade ago. I have recently joined the team at MultiLit, and am delighted to continue my connection with the NEMLDC as a Community Representative on the School Board.

To the Board I bring extensive experience in the delivery of speech pathology services in an educational context. I have ongoing interests in oral language and literacy development.  Having worked closely with children with Developmental Language Disorder for many years, I understand the importance of continued, high quality intervention and support.

I believe that when families, schools and communities work together children do better and are happier at school. As a Community Representative on the Board, I endeavour to strengthen the school’s capacity to best meet the learning and social needs of students.



Parent Representatives

Fiona Butler

As a proud Mum of a NEMLDC student I am honoured to be supporting our school community in the role of parent representative.  Professionally I have worked in the field of communications for over 15 years, with experience in the not-for-profit, private and government sectors. Specifically, I have focused on leadership, executive communications, issues management, media relations and internal communications.

I look forward to using my skills, combined with my most important experience as ‘Mum’ to the role.

Tran Huynh


Nicole Amato



School Representatives

Annette Hopkinson (Deputy North Balga Campus)

I started my teaching career with 3 years at a mainstream school in a small wheatbelt town, and then I applied for a job at the NEMLDC! I started here in 2002 and am passionate about working with children with DLD and their families to help them achieve to their full potential. I have worked across many different NEMLDC sites and all year levels. I have worked with the Outreach team delivering professional learning to staff from mainstream schools, both in the metro area and the wheatbelt. I have been the ICT coordinator, Technologies coordinator and STEM coach in the more recent years and I love to spark children’s curiosity and to encourage them to use their oral language to explore the world around them in interesting ways.
I am now a Deputy Principal and am privileged to be given the opportunity to support staff to make our school exceptional, and to be able to be there for students and families in their educational journey.


Katelin Neil  (Teacher)

Katelin Neil

I feel very fortunate to be a teacher at the North East Metropolitan Language Development Centre. Prior to NEMLDC, I taught Kindergarten and Pre-primary in a mainstream school for 4 years. I believe all students have the potential to succeed and enjoy creating an inclusive and engaging learning environment. I aspire to create a classroom environment whereby families and the wider community can connect and share their knowledge. I am passionate about ensuring all children with Development Language Disorder are provided with quality learning experiences. I am dedicated towards advocating for awareness about Development Language Disorder and sharing greater knowledge of how we can ensure all students with Development Language Disorder can thrive. I look forward to representing NEMLDC staff on the school board to continue to support our students, families and community.

Jacinta Guerrini (Teacher)

Jacinta Guerrini

I have been working at the North East Metropolitan Language Development Centre as a Year 2 Teacher at the West Morley site for the last 3 years. Prior to this, I worked at the South East Metropolitan Language Development Centre for 3 years, in a country town for 1 year as well as relief teaching in a variety of schools in between travelling. I am passionate about working with children with Developmental  Language Disorder, helping them progress and learn skills and strategies they can implement through out their future schooling. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of the School Board, being an advocate for other NEMLDC staff members in addition to having a deeper understanding of what goes on behind the scenes in our school.