Guiding Statements

Our Vision    

To be an informed, dynamic and influential school that builds the foundations of language and communication for lifetime success.

Our Motto   

Developing language. Building futures.

Our Philosophy

Staff at the NEMLDC are committed to creating and ensuring a positive and dynamic early learning experience for our students.

Our staff embrace diversity, building relationships with students, their families and the community, to foster participation and a sense of belonging. Our approach is collaborative, evidence-based and tailored to each child’s unique academic, social, emotional and physical potential.

We nurture and expand each child’s communication skills by empowering educators to use best practice teaching strategies that build foundations for their future achievements and well-being.

Our Beliefs

  • We provide a safe, nurturing, positive and engaging early childhood environment.
  • We value diversity by respecting students’ backgrounds, cultures and abilities.
  • Each child has the ability to be a successful and active participant in an ever changing world.
  • Explicitly taught oral language programs provide children the strategies and skills to communicate effectively.
  • It takes a collaborative community to foster the academic and non-academic development of a child.
  • Our whole school approach toward teaching is continually improved through data driven decisions and evidence based practice.
  • All educators, through learning and support, can develop their understanding and teaching of oral language.


Our School Values  

  • Strengthen student self–esteem, optimism and social responsibility.
  • Kindness
  • Respect
  • Doing Your Best

The Department’s Values

Learning, equity, excellence and care guide everything we do.

Our Logo

A child confidently stepping out on their journey into the future.

The supportive adults of our staff and community, celebrating our children.

The gold speech bubble representing focus and support for our students’ expressive language development.

The green thought bubble representing focus and support for our students’ receptive language development.