NEMLDC Outreach Assessments, Data Sheets & Resources

NEMLDC Outreach Assessment Recommendations

The NEMLDC Outreach Service has reviewed a large number of assessments, and chosen a selection of research based assessments as primary (though not only) assessments recommended to schools. Click here for more information.

For information and documentation about the NEMLDC Outreach Services’ evaluation of assessments and recommendations, please speak to an Outreach Team member on 9218 1600

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Assessment Information & Spreadsheets

Overview of assessment resources available:

General all purpose data templates Football Story Monitoring Index of Scholarly Language (MISL)
CUBED assessments: NLM & DDM Grammar Evaluation & Analysis Tool (GEAT) Vocabulary measures
DIBELs 8th Ed. MOTIF Assessments  (including the DiST-N) 2024 Letters & Sounds Tracker


General, all purpose spreadsheets

Generic data collation spreadsheet: for use with any quantitative or qualitative data.



NLM3 – Listening:

If you have trouble downloading the spreadsheets using the above links, try downloading them from here.

NLM3 – Reading: 

If you have trouble downloading the spreadsheets using the above links, try downloading them from here.


About the NLM-L & NLM-R data spreadsheets:

These spreadsheets…

  • Have space for 3 data collection points – BOY, MOY & EOY
  • Analyse student data (colour coding scores, calculating total scores, risk interpretations)
  • K-Y3: Allow you to capture students’ real world performance on factual comprehension questions, while automatically applying the scoring rules for this section for the benchmark scores.
  • Can be used with both benchmark and progress monitoring assessments
  • Display summary data & graphs for each time point, and these can be filtered by class & other details entered (e.g. EALD,  SAER etc.)
  • Do not yet show comparison of data across time – version 2 of the spreadsheets which is being developed will have this capability.
  • Makes it easy to copy & paste data into later versions of the spreadsheet / different year groups’ spreadsheets if the wrong one was used when entering the data. 
  • For WA Kindy (where the CUBED-3 does not provide benchmark interpretations at BOY & MOY), benchmark estimates are provided for BOY & MOY narrative retells. Please note that these are very rough estimates based on the original CUBED assessment  and have not been validated through formal research.

Unlike previous spreadsheets, at the moment there is a spreadsheet per grade (vs a single sheet used for all year groups). Make sure to use the spreadsheet & tab for the correct year group and time point in the year to ensure that risk categories are calculated correctly.




Original CUBED assessment materials

Original CUBED Narrative Language Measures-Listening

Original CUBED Narrative Language Measures-Reading

Original CUBED Dynamic Decoding Measures


DIBELS 8th ed.


MOTiF Assessments


Football Story

Culturally appropriate oral story telling and comprehension assessment for Aboriginal Students. Click here for more information & test materials.


Grammar Evaluation & Analysis Tool (GEAT)


Monitoring Index of Scholarly Language (MISL)



Vocabulary Measures


2024 Letters and Sounds Tracker