SPiS Eligibility and Applications

  • Schools in the North Metropolitan region are eligible to apply.
  • Commitment is for a minimum of 1 year, with opportunity to extend or cease participation after that.
  • Cost to participate is $23 000 per 0.2FTE per year plus $3000 administration costs, payable through salary transfer  – note, schools of more than 400 students are recommended to employ a speech pathologist for at least 0.4-0.6FTE for a more impactful service. 

More Information?

Click on the links below.

  1. Download a copy of our Speech Pathologists in Schools Pilot handout here.
  2. View our Speech Pathologists in School information session here
  3. Read our Terms of Service
  4. Contact the NEMLDC on 9218 1600 for more information.

Ready to Apply?

  • Before applying please ensure that you have read the Terms of Service.
  • Completion of the application form constitutes your commitment to the Pilot, and a speech pathologist will be allocated to your school, in order of application received and dependent upon places in the Pilot, and staff availability.
  • The NEMLDC will contact you to confirm that your application has been received, and to discuss appointment of a speech pathologist to suit your needs.


Apply by clicking on the link to the application here: Speech Pathologist Pilot Application