DLD Awareness Day 2019 at the NEMLDC

On the 18th of October 2019, DLD Awareness Day was celebrated across the world.

At the NEMLDC we had a very special set of celebrations, including a fun day for our school community, an information forum for our broader community, as well as visits from our local politicians. Our team together with other RADLD Ambassadors also arranged for various Perth land marks to be lit up in purple and yellow to raise awareness of DLD.


The NEMLDC hosted an information forum about DLD and how communication difficulties are supported here in the WA education system (the LDCs and the outreach Service). This forum was attended by over 40 of our community members from various sectors, including the health, education (primary, secondary and university) and business sectors, the research community, local and state government, as well as the disability, not-for-profit and youth justice sectors. At the forum attendees heard from speech pathologists, school executives, LDC staff and the parent of a child with DLD. Click here for more information about what was discussed at the forum – DLD, communication difficulties & support in WA.


Fun Day & Visitors

Our school community enjoyed a fun day with students, educators and families. At our fun day our community moved through a number of activity stations where educators and families had the opportunity to develop their children’s language through fun activities. To see the sorts of strategies used at each station, please click here. We were lucky enough to also have several of our local politicians show their support during the day.