What are Decodable Readers?

Decodable readers are books for beginning readers containing mostly words your child can sound out. Some “tricky words” (i.e words that appear often in text that have a very uncommon sound-letter correspondence, or a sound-letter correspondence that is not yet taught) are usually included in the text, by necessity. Tricky words are taught in class and can be previewed before reading.

By giving children decodable books containing the spelling patterns they have been taught, we:

  • encourage and assist them to practise what they’ve learnt in class;
  • maximise their chances of reading success; and
  • encourage the habits of strong readers (accurate word reading) not the habits of weak readers (guessing words from pictures, context, sentence structure or first letters

Find out more at the Spelfabet What is a Decodable Book website.

How to Support Your Child with Home Reading

  • Choose a time of the day when you child is relaxed, well rested and fresh.
  • Provide a quiet place with no distractions.
  • Follow the procedures below.


Parent Workshop: Understanding the Exit Report

Caregivers of Year 1 and 2 students exiting the LDC at the end of 2018 are strongly encouraged to attend a workshop to discuss the Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals- Fifth Edition (CELF-5) and the speech pathology exit report. The CELF-5 is standardised language assessment that compares your child’s oral language skills to other children their age, and their results are summarised in their exit report.

The session will cover:

  • The CELF-5 language assessment
  • Interpreting the speech pathology exit report
  • The language strategies sheet
  • A revision of the parent reporting grids

When: Thursday 6th December 2018
Where: West Morley Undercover Area – 18 View Street, Dianella
Time: 9:00am – 10:00am

Please RSVP to this session by Monday 3rd December by calling the office on 9275 5511 or returning the RSVP slip which will be sent home.

Caregivers who attend the workshop will receive their child’s report package at the end of the session. This includes their school report, speech pathology exit report, parent reporting grids and strategies sheet. At the end of the session caregivers will have the opportunity to discuss any further questions with an LDC speech pathologist.

Caregivers of Kindergarten and Pre Primary children who are exiting will have already had a meeting to discuss this information so are not required to attend.