Term 1 Board Meeting

Your School Board met for the first meeting on February 27th with Adrian Boeing (NB parent) taking the reigns as Board Chair. There are currently two vacant positions for community members so if you know someone from outside the school who may be interested, please ask them to contact Lisa Gannon.

The Board received a report from the School on the 2018 finances where the school met their financial targets, and approved the budget planning for 2019. A 2019 Board calendar schedule was also devised including planning for review of the School’s guidelines in Behaviour Support, Communications, Students at Educational Risk, Sun Protection and Complaints Handling. A busy year ahead!

Items for discussion provided by the community were school security, recess/ lunch breaks and toileting facilities. We also looked at School Improvement and how we rate ourselves in Domain 9 ‘School – Community Partnerships’, the Board determining that we are on track with a HIGH rating.

The Board meets twice a term to discuss school performance and improvement and monitors the delivery of the School Business Plan. Later this term the Board will be supporting the school as the Annual Report is prepared, which will be available to the community in Term 2.