Intervention Program

We recognise that as early childhood educators it is our responsibility to give children the best experiences, knowledge and opportunity for growth in an effort to contribute to their ultimate success in life.  We understand that input in the early years is vital to form neural pathways which support lifelong learning, behaviour and health (McCain & Mustard, 1999). We also support the research that demonstrates that early language intervention programs have had a significant impact on children experiencing language difficulties (Fletcher, 2005).

Within the NEMLDC we prioritise the placement of students in the early years, Kindergarten through to Year 2.  Currently we have a three maximum placement. We provide highly engaging, evidenced based and developmentally appropriate language intervention programs to students daily.  Every moment of the school day is used as a language learning opportunity, so that not a moment is wasted in this critical time for language learning.

We purchase, create and use effectively the highest quality and most suitable resources.  We promote access to outside early intervention services and support groups.