At the NEMLDC we teach, assess and report using the Western Australian Curriculum. We explicitly teach the skills and concepts required for each of the subjects with an Oral Language focus.

Achievement reports are provided twice a year with students graded against the Judging Standards framework as provided by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority.

Curriculum Areas

English is our major focus – starting with building Oral Language skills, then reading and writing.

Mathematics * includes the content strands of Number and Algebra, Geometry, Measurement and Statistics and Probability as well as the proficiency strands of understanding, fluency, problem solving and reasoning. Maths is taught in a practical and hands on way, allowing for repeated practice of the required skills using concrete mathematic materials.

Science * Physical, Chemical, Earth and Space and Biological Sciences are taught with a focus on building understandings and Inquiry skills.

Design and Digital Technologies *- The focus in Technology is using the things around us to find solutions and problem solve.  In Design and Technology students focus on Food and Fibre production and Digital Technologies is learning to recognise and use digital equipment.  For more information, please see the attached document Learning STEM at home (pdf) and visit this webpage.

* These areas together are sometimes referred to as STEM. STEM tasks or challenges give students the opportunity to put into practice the skills they have learned in a way that allows them to creatively problem solve.

HASSHumanities and Social Sciences – Students’ knowledge and understanding and inquiry and skills are developed using content from the History and Geography sub-strands.

Health and Physical Education –  Students participate in a daily fitness program, building gross motor skills and increasing fitness. Physical education skills lessons and sports are taught as appropriate to the year level.  Specialists are often engaged to teach a series of lessons in a particular sport, such as athletics, basketball or t-ball.  Swimming lessons are provided each year for PP-2 students for a 2 week block at the local pool.

Health education includes healthy living, human growth and development, safety, protective behaviours and Social Skills

The Arts –  Students are taught to make and respond using critical and creative thinking in the strands of Drama and Visual Arts.