Swimming Lessons at North Balga

We are now in our second week of swimming with the children really enjoying it and participating well. We are very fortunate to have the pool so close that we are able to walk to and from our lessons. Many of our parents have been coming to the pool to watch the swimming and this has been really encouraging for the children. Thanks to our parents for making sure the children have everything they need.

Lego Incursion

Our year 1 and 2 children really enjoyed the Lego Incursion. This incursion supported our Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) learning area. The children developed vocabulary around the building process and worked collaboratively with a partner to build a working jack hammer.

Playground Craze Incursion

Social skills is a high priority area at the language centre. To support this we invited Playground Craze to present a workshop for our year 1 and 2 children. The focus was on developing resilience and bouncing back from difficult situations. Topics covered also included confidence, kindness, persistence, friendship and cooperation. The performance was funny and very interactive with songs to support the message. Parents can find out more about the program by checking out the website

Assembly Pre-Primary 6

We all enjoyed the assembly presented by Mrs Forbes’ Pre-Primary class on the 1st November. The assembly had a fun tropical theme. The children did a great job of introducing all the items and speakers. Congratulations to the certificate winners. Our next assembly is on Thursday 22 November and will be presented by Miss Campbell’s Pre- Primary 5 class. This will be our last assembly at North Balga this year and we look forward to seeing lots of our parents.