Outreach Service

About the NEMLDC Outreach Service

It is estimated that at any one time in Western Australia, there are more than 38 000 children with language related difficulties in the school system.

There are specialist facilities, like the LDC, that cater for these students, but positions are limited. To help support those who are unable to access this level of support, the NEMLDC Outreach Service provides a service to fill the gap. Our support is a government funded service for all public schools within the North East Metro and Wheatbelt education regions. Our primary role is to support mainstream schools in their capacity to implement effective oral language instruction for K-2 and to cater for students with speech and language difficulties across the primary years.


Services Provided by the NEMLDC Outreach

At the NEMLDC Outreach Service, we prioritise capacity building services in relation to oral language and the foundations of literacy. We support schools through:

  • School-based support including:
    • Capacity building and action research support – we partner with schools and work with them to affect change in their settings.
    • Targeted professional learning sessions
    • Teacher consultations and mentoring, including consultations regarding specific students
    • Collaborative planning support
    • In-class observation and feedback sessions
    • NEMLDC classroom observations
  • Student Speech Pathology placements

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  • Resource provision and advice in relation to oral language and the foundations of literacy assessment and intervention


  • Research evaluating the effectiveness and efficacy of the oral language interventions used at the LDC.

How to Access the Service

The NEMLDC Outreach Service is an “opt-in” service, where schools request to access our support. If you are a school who would like to discuss services with our team and set up a service agreement, please contact the NEMLDC Outreach service on 9275 5511.   Alternatively, you can request specific services, but returning the following forms to us:


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Share Your Involvement with the Outreach with Families

If your school is involved with the Outreach service, this is something to celebrate and make families aware of as it is a great way that you are supporting their children.

Click here for our parent information brochure which gives parents an overview of what the Outreach Service does and how we can support your school.