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North East Metropolitan Language Development Centre Outreach Service

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About the NEMLDC Outreach Service

The NEMLDC Outreach Service provides support to North East Metropolitan and Wheatbelt education district schools. Our office is located at the North East Metropolitan Language Development Centre, 18 View St, Dianella WA.

The NEMLDC Outreach Service is a multidisciplinary team that consists of a team of ‘Support Officers, Speech and Language’ and LDC staff (principal, deputy principals, speech pathologists, psychologists, teachers and education assistants). A Support Officer is a speech pathologist or teacher with specialist knowledge and experience in language and literacy instruction and intervention for primary school-aged children with language impairment. Their primary role is to support mainstream schools in their capacity to cater for students with language learning difficulties.

At the NEMLDC Outreach Service, we prioritise the following capacity building services:

  • Professional learning series and sessions, including the Language Leadership School Series and Network, our Pathway Series, and district professional learning sessions;
  • School-based support, including whole school and targeted professional learning session, teacher consultations and mentoring, and NEMLDC classroom observations;
  • Research and development, including development of resources for classroom use, and research evaluating the effectiveness and efficacy of the oral language interventions used at the LDC.

The Outreach Service Support Officers for 2018 include: Tina Kilpatrick, Alannah Murray, Justine Stewart and Cindy Stirling; and Deb Cavanagh as Outreach Team Leader.

What We Do

It is estimated that at any one time in Western Australia, there are approximately 50 000 students with language related difficulties in the school system. There are specialist facilities, like the LDC, that cater for these students, but positions are limited. To help support those who are unable to access this level of support, the NEMLDC Outreach Service provides a service to fill the gap. Our support is a government funded service for all public schools within the North East Metro and Wheatbelt education regions.

The service aims to build capacity in schools in the areas of language and literacy development by expanding knowledge and leadership skills of staff within schools. This is done through provision of professional learning sessions, assistance with whole school planning and consultation with relevant staff. Schools are prioritised for services based on the need of the school and their level of commitment to ensure sustainability of the service.  The Outreach Service prides itself in developing and disseminating evidence based programs to schools in a way that results in sustainable advances in the teaching of language and literacy. Our services are explained in more detail in our 2018 NEMLDC Outreach Service Brochure.

Updates on Recent Activity

To access our bi-annual newsletter for education staff, that includes updates in research evidence and practical ideas for the classroom, click on the links below.

How to Access the Service

The NEMLDC Outreach Service is an “opt-in” service, where schools request to access our support. If you are a school would like to discuss services with our team and set up a service agreement, please submit our Request for Service Form here.

Click here for our parent information brochure.

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