Rosemary Simpson – Retirement Letter NEMLDC Outreach Service

Dear Colleagues and Friends of the NEMLDC

Having recently decided to retire as Principal, I am taking the opportunity to thank the many people who have made my job the exciting and challenging one that it has been.

My former RED, Rose Moroz , was instrumental in working with me to achieve our shared vision – a combined LDC and Outreach Service to support your schools. Current REDs, Jim Webb and Alison Ramm (North Metropolitan and Wheatbelt Education Regions) have continued to encourage schools to access the service and provided me with support and feedback to ensure your students’ needs are being met.

I have worked closely with so many Principals in our 155 service schools and encourage you to continue your oral language journey! I will miss the collegiate spirit we shared but hope to continue the association with many of you through the work I am doing with WAPPA.

Finally, my association with the universities has resulted in some exciting and very relevant research being conducted across our schools and the placement of speech pathology students in some of our most needy schools. Thanks to Suze Leitao, Mary Claesson, Brooke Sanderson, Cori Williams and Abigail Lewis for the professional relationship we have developed over so many years.

The speech pathologists in the NEMLDC Outreach Team are chosen because of their academic excellence, their ongoing research skills and their ability to transfer their knowledge in a way that is relevant and useful for your teachers. Laura Glisson (Outreach Co-ordinator), Justine Stewart, Alannah Murray, Cindy Stirling, Sam Calder, and Tina Kilpatrick are highly competent professionals and I encourage you to keep working with them.

Remember, students with below average oral language skills will go on to be below average readers and writers. Strong oral language teaching on the early years will improve academic and social outcomes.

Best wishes to you all.

Rosemary Simpson