Speech Pathology Team

From left to right – Robert Wells, Lauren Stagoll, Anna Taylor, and Samuel Calder

Anna Taylor

I first joined the NEMLDC team in 2006. By working closely with both the NEMLDC Speech Pathology and Administration teams, I coordinate the delivery of the speech pathology service across the school. I am passionate about working in partnership with educators to give students with Developmental Language Disorder the best possible opportunity to develop the foundation skills for language, literacy and communication. I have special interests in early language and literacy development.

Lauren Stagoll

I have been working as a speech pathologist at the NEMLDC since 2012, and previously worked in the disability sector within an early intervention team. My passion is working alongside the key people in a child’s life, whether that’s their parents or teacher, and empowering them with the knowledge and skills to improve a child’s communication. I currently work with all of our Year 1 classes, and find it very exciting to see the progress these children make with their oral language skills. I have a special interest in early literacy development, as I believe these skills provide the foundation for future academic success. I also supervise final year speech pathology students who are on placement at the NEMLDC and enjoy helping them learn more about Developmental Language Disorder and how speech pathologists can work in schools.

Samuel Calder

I joined the Speech Pathology Team at NEMLDC in 2015 after having my final year clinical placement as a university student at the school. I am passionate about working with children, teachers and their families to make the most of their time at the LDC, and improve communication and develop happy and successful learners. I currently work with all Year 2 teachers and students where I get the privilege of seeing our children flourish with their speaking, reading and writing skills before re-entering mainstream. I have a special interest in understanding and improving speech sound difficulties and grammar difficulties in children with Developmental Language Disorder. I am also currently completing my PhD in the area of grammar therapy.

Robert Wells

I have worked at the NEMLDC since graduating in 2014. In the past I have worked on both the speech pathology and outreach teams. I aim to support educators at the NEMLDC to delivery high quality intervention and teaching to improve your child’s functional communication. I am passionate about Developmental Language Disorder, and have a special interest in service equity and access. I currently work on the speech pathology team. This year I am working on the NEMLDC Narrative Program for use in class and in intervention. I support with the supervise final year speech pathology university students when they are on placement with us. I am also completing my PhD part-time in speech pathology service access.

Becky Balchin

I became a member of the Speech Pathology team at NEMLDC in 2019 having worked briefly in private practice following my graduation in 2018. I currently work with the teaching staff and students in Kindergarten and also provide additional support in Year 1. I have a particular interest in the development of language and literacy. I am passionate about supporting children with Developmental Language Disorder and empowering them to realise their potential.

Dayna O’Meara

I have recently joined the NEMLDC team in Term 2 2019, after completing my final year university placement at the school last year. I am passionate about language and literacy within the paediatric population and am motivated to foster collaborative partnerships with students, teachers and their families, to enable students to develop their language and communication potential. I am currently working with all pre-primary classes to support the implementation of the language and literacy programs in the classroom. I am also privileged to work with individual students across Kindy- Year 2, to further support them to develop the foundations of speech and language, and set them up for schooling success.