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On this page we have stories of past LDC students and their achievements and successes since leaving the NEMLDC.  If you are a past student, or know of a past student who would like their story added to this page, please contact the school on 92755511, or email

We are very proud of our past students and would love to hear from you!

Yasmine McDonagh (written by her Mother, Pam)

When Yasmine, started LDC she had  limited language skills, very little knowledge of comprehension and a poor understanding of phonics.  With the help of the very skilled teachers at LDC, extensive Speech therapy and a lot of hard work from Yasmine I can tell you she is now kicking goals.  She left the LDC 4 years ago.

In Grade 4,  she was accepted into a  3 year Music program called MAGS (Music for All Age Groups).  It  has allowed her to be in a smaller class, learn an instrument, become part of the school choir and enjoy having exposure to all sorts of different music expressions by having the  opportunity to experience 4 cultural events throughout the year at Perth Concert Hall or His Majesty’s.  They also go on a 3 day school camp.

Yasmine, recently joined the  River Ranger Cadet program. The cadets are involved in learning about the Swan and Canning Rivers.   They study the history of the rivers and the effects of the growing population on the river beds plus, cleaning the area of litter, planting seedlings and water sampling.  They are taught about working safely in nature and participate in a variety of fun activities including abseiling, flying fox and ten pin bowling.  They have one, overnight camp in May that is aimed at developing their self confidence, leadership skills and a reward for the year’s work.

 We are so proud of that little girl with limited language skills; She is no longer 12 months or even 6 months behind in her school work.  She now understands the structure and elements that are required to write  interesting stories and embraces them.  However, she is still working on her spelling.  I have become the parent that tells their child off for reading, because she should be getting herself organised.

Yasmine has learnt from an early age that attitude, determination  and resilience are required to get you though.  A  lesson I hope she remembers for the future.

 Yas met a lovely group of friends at LDC and she continues to maintain friendships with some of them.  We believe that LDC had a lot to do with the goals she is now achieving.

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