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Chair of the Board

Jeremy Heng


Lisa Gannon

I am proud to be Principal at the North East Metropolitan Language Development Centre and bring around 30 years of experience in Education. I started my teaching career in a suburban city school, before moving to the country. My next 9 years was at the West Coast Language Development Centre as a teacher and deputy where I became interested in early intervention in both language and social development. I moved back into mainstream as deputy and principal where I used my knowledge to promote the development of these skills in students in mainstream schools.  My interest in this area brought me full circle and back to the North East Metropolitan Language Development Centre, where as principal I am focused on ensuring that our students are provided the best opportunities in the development of their oral language and social skills, whilst participating in a mainstream curriculum and developing and guided by strong core values.

I thank the NEMLDC Board for their commitment and dedication to our School.  Our Board conversations have led to some really great new school initiatives and improvements. Our Board members bring a wide range of skills and experience. A group of professionals, parents and educators presenting many perspectives to ensure that our students, your children, are in the best place to further develop their social, physical, emotional and academic capabilities.   

Community Member

Brooke Sanderson (Director of Fieldwork – Speech Pathology at Curtin University)

Brooke is a speech pathologist and has worked across the health professions in various leadership and capacity building roles over the last decade. Brooke is currently leading the speech pathology fieldwork program.   Brooke is committed to and passionate about advancing the scholarship of health professional education; her current research activities are in the area of student resilience, the expectations of the millennial learner and employability.

She demonstrates a commitment to contributing to the speech pathology profession and wider community.  Brooke has served as a national University accreditor for Speech Pathology Australia (SPA), is serving her third term as a Director of Speech Pathology Australia and is the current Vice President Operations of the Association.  Brooke commenced her speech pathology career in 2008 as a speech pathologist at the NEMLDC and is proud and honoured to continue to serve the school and the NEMLDC community as a School Board member.

Anna Taylor (Speech and Language Specialist)

My passion for working with children with speech and language difficulties in schools began when I joined the NEMLDC as a Speech Pathologist over a decade ago. I have recently joined the team at MultiLit, and am delighted to continue my connection with the NEMLDC as a Community Representative on the School Board.

To the Board I bring extensive experience in the delivery of speech pathology services in an educational context. I have ongoing interests in oral language and literacy development.  Having worked closely with children with Developmental Language Disorder for many years, I understand the importance of continued, high quality intervention and support.

I believe that when families, schools and communities work together children do better and are happier at school. As a Community Representative on the Board, I endeavour to strengthen the school’s capacity to best meet the learning and social needs of students.

Lisa Gibson (North Morley Primary School Principal)

Lisa has a holistic view of education. Academics, social skills and resilience are equally important for every student in schools to become positive and active community members. This has been developed from her experiences in teaching and administration over 25 years. Lisa wants to assist schools for a smooth transition for the language development students back into mainstream schools. She has a passion for assisting children to find their place in a school, to be their best and achieve their goals.

Parent Representatives

Emily Deleuil


School Representatives


Denise Grassi (Deputy)

I am privileged to be one of the Deputy Principals at North East Metro LDC. I have 25 years’ experience working at Language Development Centres in a variety of teaching and administration positions at both North East Metropolitan LDC and South East Metropolitan LDC. Prior to becoming a teacher, I worked for several years as a medical laboratory technologist. I am passionate about teaching children with Developmental Language Disorder and I work hard to ensure they have the foundations of language and communication to achieve their potential. I believe that by working collaboratively with our very experienced and passionate team of professionals at North East Metropolitan LDC, we create a targeted and supportive learning environment where the children are able to make their best possible gains before returning to mainstream education.

Terri Morris (Teacher)

I have been at the NEMLDC for 18 years and during this time have undertaken a variety of roles. This has included positions in the Speech and Language Team, acting as the school’s ICT co-ordinator and Deputy Principal, and teaching a range of year levels in the classroom. I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to bring the knowledge I have gained while working with our professional team of Speech Pathologists and teaching staff to the children I teach. It is incredibly rewarding to see the progress each child is able to make at our school, both academically and socially, due the specialised programs we implement and the outcomes we strive to achieve. I am proud to be part of our school community and to be a member of the School Board.

Tarryn Jolly (Teacher)

I am a Year 1 Teacher at the North East Metropolitan Language Development Centre. Prior to becoming a teacher, I studied and worked in the legal industry. After a couple of years working in the legal field, I discovered that my heart belonged to teaching and decided to return to university to complete my degree in Early Childhood Education. Before commencing my role at the North East Metropolitan Language Development Centre, I taught for two years at a mainstream school.

I am passionate about providing my students with a nurturing learning environment. I feel honoured to work in a role that enables me to encourage children to reach their full potential.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, walking my dog and spending time with my family and friends.