School Board

Members of the School Board

Chair of the Board

Adrian Boeing (North Balga parent) –  I am father of two children, the oldest attends North Balga LDC. I represent North Balga & parents’ views on the Board to improve our children’s educational outcomes, ensure a well-rounded experience and continued support beyond the school. I am the Automation Manager at Epiroc, and hold an Adjunct position at The University of Western Australia. I have previous teaching experience at various universities, and have been involved in a variety of volunteer computer societies. I bring my experience to the Board to help achieve the best outcomes for the students.


Lisa Gannon

Community Member

Brooke Sanderson is a speech pathologist and has worked across the health professions in various leadership and capacity building roles over the last decade. Brooke currently works as Director of Fieldwork – Speech Pathology at Curtin University, where she leads the speech pathology fieldwork program.

Brooke is committed to and passionate about advancing the scholarship of health professional education; her current research activities are in the area of student resilience, the expectations of the millennial learner and employability.

She demonstrates a commitment to contributing to the speech pathology profession and wider community.  Brooke has served as a national University accreditor for Speech Pathology Australia (SPA), is serving her third term as a Director of Speech Pathology Australia and is the current Vice President Operations of the Association.  Brooke commenced her speech pathology career in 2008 as a speech pathologist at the NEMLDC and is proud and honoured to continue to serve the school and the NEMLDC community as a School Board member.


Parent Representatives

Emma Dorotich (West Morley)

Moones Mohebati (West Morley) – I am a mother to a son, who is currently attending year 1, his 3rd & final year at the LDC in West Morley. I have always been involved with our local community, whether it’s being part of the committees or working with children. I am passionate about ensuring children reach their potential, and that both parents and the community work together to nurture them to make this happen. “Children are the most precious treasure a community can possess, for in them are the promise and guarantee of the future.”

I love travelling, watching movies, and spending time with family.

School Representatives

Denise Grassi (Deputy)

Terri Morris (Teacher)

Anna Taylor (Senior Speech Pathologist)