North Balga Campus News

Sharlene Samuel-May – Deputy Principal

Thank You

Thank you to our families who were able to attend the class information sessions.  We understand that everyone does get very busy so we do appreciate the time you give.  I am enjoying getting to know you all bit by bit and of course the beautiful students!

Cultural Diversity

We acknowledge that we have such a wonderful, diverse range of cultures and background in our school community, so we will be reflecting and supporting that diversity more over time.  At our North Balga campus 37% of our student population are EALD / English as an Additional Language or Dialect with 19 different languages spoken in the home.  If you visit us in the foyer you will see a world map and where staff and students are from and the languages spoken.  We will endeavour to send home important information in your home language through the use of ‘google translate’, it won’t be perfect but we hope it will be much better!

Change of Timetables

We have been looking at a change of our North Balga timetables as a response to feedback from both parents and staff.   Decisions we make always hold our student’s learning and wellbeing at front and center!   For those of you that have been at the NEMLDC for a while, having multiple sites comes with additional challenges and issues.  Over time we have brought the number of sites down from 5 to just 2.   It can be challenging maintaining cohesiveness as a team when the physical structures don’t allow for it, so we have decided as an admin to realign ourselves and operate as one school across both sites.  Moving forward this means both sites will have mostly the same break times across the year levels, recess will be the same across West Morley and North Balga but for lunch we will start 15 minutes earlier as the space does not allow for shared playtime for K/PP students.  Therefore, we will not be sharing play times with the North Balga students.  We will be using our play times to support our students’ social skills development and to facilitate play skills.

We anticipate that there will be many positives to this change.  The Duty of care and attention to the social skill development of our students during playtime will now be given additional focus and support.  Staff wellbeing will be optimised through the opportunity for cross chat with other year level staff during break times.  Our community will feel reassured that we are responding to ongoing concerns and complaints about play times, our timetables will be more aligned across sites and reflect our oral language, literacy & curriculum priorities, coaching & speech pathology support across sites will be streamlined and there is more equity of wave 2/3 intervention time allocated to students irrespective of site.

Making the decision to align our two sites frees us up to focus our energy and attention on our core business, our WHY.  It also allows us as individuals to come together collectively, as a school, to not only support each other but also work towards our school’s vision, values and business plan.

We will continue to collaborate with North Balga Primary School when curriculum and cultural opportunities present, but again we will ensure those activities are aligned across our two sites and reflects true cohesiveness.  We anticipate that you, our school community will welcome this change, if you would like to discuss this matter more with me I am more than happy to do so, please give Natalie a call in the front office and arrange a time for a chat.   I would like to mention at this point too that the North Balga staff have been accommodating and supportive of us as a school, so we are appreciative of that.

These changes will be effective week 7, Monday 18th March.

North Balga Primary School Invites you to the Scholastic Book Fair

Monday 1st April —Thursday 4th April

All classes will be given time to have a look at the books on offer on Monday 1st April and will bring home a WISH LIST.

If you wish to purchase any of these books or would like to have a look for yourself please pop in to the library before or after school Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday or students can come during lunch time.