News from the Principal

School Development Day – Monday November 19 – NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS

Thank you Morning Tea

In recognition to all the amazing helpers we have at the school, we would like to invite you to a thank you morning tea. If you have helped out in any way, P&C, Board, parent helper, excursion helper, listening to readers, busy bee volunteer, covering books, whatever you might have done – you are invited to come along. Location – West Morley Campus – Tuesday November 27

New Parent Information Session

Last week we welcomed our new parents at the Parent Information Sessions. Approximately 120 parents came to the two sessions, Thank you to P&C member Tania Maitre for coming along and promoting the P&C with several new parents registering their interest in joining next year. Kathy and Danielle were also there to welcome the new parents. Thank you.

Graduation & Disco

It’s going to be a big morning on Friday December 7 (note revised date). The North Balga PP-2 students will be bussed to the West Morley campus for the Graduation assembly. Following the assembly, the students will break for a snack and a play, then return for a disco, arranged by the P&C $5 includes dancing and a snack. Approximate times below. A Flyer to follow.


Graduation Assembly – all welcome, in particular parents of graduating students.


Children play, supervised by their teachers, while P&C (and helpers please) set up for disco.


Children put on Christmas / Disco hat at their class and teachers bring children to the undercover area for the dancing and games. Parents are welcome to watch and join in the fun. Full supervision provided by staff. Not compulsory for parents to attend.


Parents may sign their child out and take their child home or they may leave their child at school for the remainder of the day.


Remaining North Balga students return to North Balga. No canteen available for North Balga students on that day. Lunch upon return to the school.


For children who are leaving our school, it is a really good idea to start positively talking to your child about their school next year. Perhaps go to the school for a visit and look at the play areas and classrooms. Ensure you are enrolled now and have that school’s uniform and booklist ready for day 1. This will really help your child feel part of the school from the beginning. If you are concerned about how your child might settle, please contact your teacher or admin so we can talk about opportunities to help with the transition process.

Booklists Due

Don’t forget, if you would like to order your booklist through Ziggies and the school they are due back to the school by November 30th. Online orders that you can pick up at the school are due December 4th. Orders after this will need to be home delivery. Of course you can pick up the items on the list at a retailer of your choice.