News from the Principal

We are well on our way into term now with students settling in to their new classes, teachers and friends.  We especially hope our new families are feeling supported and welcomed and I am sure that they are feeling informed after the fabulous turn out (over 100 families) at our first parent workshop. I would personally like to recognise Anna Taylor, our senior Speech Pathologist for delivering these workshops, some in the evening  to provide more opportunities for parents to attend.

It is great to see such enthusiasm and excitement as both children and parents look forward to starting their school day, with a reminder to parents that the school day commences at 8.45. Bus children are well into their routines now. Another reminder to ensure lunchboxes, bottles, hats and jumpers are labelled so we can track down owners of lost items.

Great news from our P&C. All positions are filled!  Thank you to the new P&C committee and members. We welcome Vicky Bovenkerk (NB parent) as our new president. Thank you Vicky. I am really looking forward to working with you and your P&C this year. P&C is tricky at the LDC as our parents are not at the school for a long period.  Most parents don’t get involved in their first year, and then they leave! I encourage you to come along as a member to this enthusiastic team. They have a section in each newsletter so look out for their updates.

We have a Pupil Free Day this Friday, March 15. NO STUDENTS AT SCHOOL. Staff members do attend, however, as this is our opportunity for professional learning, collaboration and development. On this day we will be looking at developing our Values program, Aboriginal Cultural Standards and our Curriculum planning documents for Maths, Science and HASS (Humanities and Social Sciences.)

One of the upcoming events to look out for is our Parent Interviews. You will be contacted by your class teacher to meet over the next few weeks. We formally report to parents each term as follows and encourage regular parent communication through informal conversations.

Terms 1 & 3 – Parent Interviews

Teachers arrange a 10-15 minute interview with parents during Weeks 8 and 9 of these terms. Your child’s progress on their Language Grids are explained and provided to parents during the interview as well as an outline of social, behavioural and other relevant information specific to your child. Your child’s teacher will be in contact with you soon.

Terms 2 & 4 – Achievement Report (written report)

Department of Education Achievement Reports are provided to parents at the end of Terms 2 and 4. These are a standardised reporting format provided for all students studying in Department schools. Attitude, Behaviour, Effort and Attendance are also reported.

Our Education Minister, Sue Ellery, has recently provided a statement on school violence, along with actions to reduce the occurrence.

 ‘Every parent rightly expects that when their child is at school they will be safe, nurtured and supported to learn. Similarly, teachers and school staff should feel safe in their workplace.’ 

It is the responsibility of each school to work with their communities to address the issue in a united way.  An action plan has been developed by the Minister which focuses upon intentional aggression and the intention to harm others.  Policy changes do not apply to students who can’t control their behaviour or harm without intent.  All schools are directed to implement the 10 actions within the plan, Action 9 being to start conversations about violence in schools. I will be taking this conversation to our P&C and Board and am happy to hear your thoughts.  At the LDC we rarely see intentional violence, however we do need to support our students to learn appropriate ways to express their emotions and the consequences of their expression. We are reviewing our Behaviour Support plan this semester, and will be seeking parent feedback as it progresses.  We look forward to your input.