New parents at the P & C

We are so excited as we had a large number of new parents sign up for the 2019 P&C at the recent New Parents Information Session.

Tania our Vice President did an amazing speech for our P&C. Thank you very much Tania.

We also sold a lot of school uniforms at the meeting, however there are still uniforms left if you need to buy some for next year. They are for sale at the West Morley campus.

We are half way through the last term of 2018.

We are getting ready for our last event for the year which is the Christmas /disco which will be on Friday, 7th of December, during school hours.

The Graduation will be in the morning followed by a morning break and then the Christmas/disco.

On the day there will be snack packs which will be given out after the dancing.

There will be games and prizes. Also for the best hat (disco, Christmas etc)

We will be sending out pre order forms if you would like your child to attend and receive the snacks.

After the disco you will be able to collect your child by signing them out or they will be able to stay at school for the remainder of the day.

North Balga will be coming across to West Morley by bus, then returned back after the disco.

There will be more information if needed contact front office or myself on 0400 088 620.

We have the handy wallet with 10 shopping bags still available for sale in the front office for $20. A great Christmas present.

We also have our Facebook page – NEMLDC parents. Join if you haven’t already.

Thank you all very much for your help and support for our P&C committee.