Some teachers will provide homework for your child.  Please see your class teachers for details on their expectations.

It is important for you to talk to your child and make time to listen to them.  Try and set aside time each day to ask them about what they did at school and encourage them to describe their experiences and how they felt about them.

Much learning can take place during everyday activities.  For example, while shopping talk about the products you see on the shelves, encourage your child to describe what they look like, feel like etc.  Work out if an apple or a can of baked beans is heavier.  Count the number of isles.  Discuss which foods are healthy choices.  Talk about how much things cost, which item is the better value, work out which coins/notes are needed to pay for things.  Talk about he social expectations of shopping – queuing politely, making sure you don’t walk into other people, using good manners while at the check out.

Reading to your child daily is also essential.  Make it a fun time reading books and discussing the stories and pictures.  What do you think will happen next?  How is the character feeling? etc

Try to make homework and these other informal learning times relaxing and fun so they can be a treasured time for you and your child to spend together.