Digital Technologies

The Digital Technologies curriculum area is brand new this year for WA. The teachers and kids have had lots of fun working out how to use our range of robots, electronic circuits, iPad apps and computers.

We’ve been learning:

  • How to use word documents
  • How to search the internet
  • How to use iPads
  • How to code programs into robots
  • How to read and write algorithms and how to debug.

We have all had lots of fun problem solving using our new toys!

A key component of all of this is online or cyber safety. We have been discussing the skills of making sure kids have an understanding of keeping personal information private (eg not saying home address, school or full name in an online chat room) and keeping things like passwords safe – don’t tell everyone your passwords only a safe person like mum or dad or your teacher. We’ve also discussed the protective behaviours aspect of being careful with photos/videos uploaded and knowing how to look out for “scams” or adverts that may pop up, making sure we ask a grown up before clicking if we’re not sure.

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