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We run the Before and After School Care Program at North East Metro Language Centre.
Camp Australia provides the highest quality Before School Care, After School Care for Primary and Kindy children in a safe, fun and stimulating environment.
We pride ourselves on providing children with a fun experience that they will enjoy. From exciting activities and healthy, nutritious snacks to caring, motivated staff, the program meets all your children’s needs.

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Rosemary Simpson – Retirement Letter NEMLDC

Dear Parents/Carers

As the Principal of the North East Metropolitan Language Development Centre for the past 30 years (yes … it’s true!), I have recently met with my Regional Executive Director to announce my decision to retire.

This decision was always going to be a difficult one for me to make because I guess the NEMLDC has been my ‘baby’ for so many years. Seeing the school grow from a tiny campus with 16 students, 3 teachers, 2 education assistants and a part time speech pathologist on the grounds of Hillcrest PS into what it is today, has been an amazing and enjoyable journey.

The school is now a two campus school with ~250 students, 32 teachers, 20 education assistants and 9 speech pathologists. It includes an Outreach Service with an outstanding reputation for the support it provides for the 155 schools it services. It fills me with great pride to have been a part of these significant improvements for all children experiencing difficulties with language development.

My years at the LDC have been professionally and personally rewarding and throughout that time there was never a day when I was not happy to get up and go to work. How lucky was I to have a career like that! Your children are all such wonderful individuals all requiring specific input to improve their educational and social outcomes. You are so fortunate to have such outstanding teachers, education assistants and speech pathologists that use their expertise to support them.

Working with you all as partners in the education of your children has also been extremely rewarding.  I have great admiration for the way that so many of you deal with the numerous challenges that arise with children with language difficulties.  I would especially like to thank those parents who have been involved in various ways that provide much appreciated support to the Principal. The P&C also contributes to the school and I would especially like to thank the President, Bronwyn Hughes and Committee; Amanda Hand, Kathy Gerace and Danelle Schafer.

A big thank you goes to Glenn Stroud, Chair of the School Board and the one responsible for helping me to steer the school towards IPS status. Other members who provide their voluntary but highly valued support are Brooke Sanderson (Community) Nadia Maso (Community) and Ben Gardener (Parent rep) and Anne Chew (Ex parent rep). Thanks so much.

My final day as Principal is August 24th and the substantive Principal will be appointed to the school for the commencement of Term 4. I am very appreciative of Sharlene May for the excellent job she has done as Acting Principal since the beginning of the year.

Finally, I would like to wish all parents and children at the NEMLDC the very best for the future.


Rosemary Simpson


Rosemary Simpson – Retirement Letter NEMLDC Outreach Service

Dear Colleagues and Friends of the NEMLDC

Having recently decided to retire as Principal, I am taking the opportunity to thank the many people who have made my job the exciting and challenging one that it has been.

My former RED, Rose Moroz , was instrumental in working with me to achieve our shared vision – a combined LDC and Outreach Service to support your schools. Current REDs, Jim Webb and Alison Ramm (North Metropolitan and Wheatbelt Education Regions) have continued to encourage schools to access the service and provided me with support and feedback to ensure your students’ needs are being met.

I have worked closely with so many Principals in our 155 service schools and encourage you to continue your oral language journey! I will miss the collegiate spirit we shared but hope to continue the association with many of you through the work I am doing with WAPPA.

Finally, my association with the universities has resulted in some exciting and very relevant research being conducted across our schools and the placement of speech pathology students in some of our most needy schools. Thanks to Suze Leitao, Mary Claesson, Brooke Sanderson, Cori Williams and Abigail Lewis for the professional relationship we have developed over so many years.

The speech pathologists in the NEMLDC Outreach Team are chosen because of their academic excellence, their ongoing research skills and their ability to transfer their knowledge in a way that is relevant and useful for your teachers. Laura Glisson (Outreach Co-ordinator), Justine Stewart, Alannah Murray, Cindy Stirling, Sam Calder, and Tina Kilpatrick are highly competent professionals and I encourage you to keep working with them.

Remember, students with below average oral language skills will go on to be below average readers and writers. Strong oral language teaching on the early years will improve academic and social outcomes.

Best wishes to you all.

Rosemary Simpson


Parent Workshop – Booksharing

The speech pathology team is very excited to invite parents and caregivers to the first Parent Workshop for term 3.

Come along and enjoy a coffee/tea and some biscuits with other parents at the NEMLDC Book Share Workshop. During this workshop we will answer:

  • What is book share?
  • Why is book share important?
  • What is narrative?
  • How can parents share books?
  • How can parents help at home?

There will be some time for Parents to chat too.

Each participant will receive a free book (RSVP essential) funded by your P&C! 

Both sessions will be held on August 14th 2017 but at different LDC sites:

  • The morning session (9:15am – 10:45am) is held at the NORTH BALGA SITE LIBRARY,
  • The evening session (5:30pm – 7:00pm) is held at the WEST MORLEY SITE CONFERENCE ROOM.

You can also register here:

Social Skills #2

In our last parent support pack, we discussed emotional awareness, and how we can support children in identifying various emotions within themselves and others. This is the first step to helping your child to identify when they are feeling worried or scared.

Parent Support Pack #2

Social Skills #1

Social Development & Language Impairment:

Social skills are a critical aspect of every child’s development.Children need to participate and feel accepted within our community.The ability to form and maintain positive peer relationships can have a huge impact on a child’s academic and language development, as well as affecting their experiences in the classroom, home and playground environments.

For more information please click on the link below.

Kindergarten and Pre Primary  – Parent Support Pack #1 PP K

Year 1 – Parent Support Pack #1 Year 1